The simple, little-known investment strategy that allows you to discover great investments and exploit hidden market profits in minutes a week.

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  • Precision no math-required approach designed for beginners to easily reduce investment risk without sacrificing long term profits
  • A back-door strategy that reveals how to discover great investments previously only known to a hand full of insiders that lets you avoid buying the wrong stocks at the wrong time.
  • The Little Guy Advantage– Your personal road map to hacking the financial markets, turning your small account size into an advantage over big mutual funds and hedge funds
  • The number 1 KILLER when it comes to profiting in the markets and why you must AVOID this at all costs (note: this is a mistake even PROS make, and it will ruin your portfolios returns)…
  • Rockefellers Secret To Billion Dollar Empire– How you can follow his example to build lasting stock

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  • Free accessto the revolutionary Investing Price Calculator to quickly uncover the Investing price of any stock so you always buy in at the right price. It takes all the hard work out of Investing- no math required.
  • Expanded report of the Value Formula and how to leverage it to give you an edge in the markets
  • How to discover great investments with enormous profit potentialbefore anyone else – the Savvy technique for being ahead of the curve every time
  • The retirement account most people don’t even know exist that will shelter your portfoliofrom excessive taxes
  • Live video walkthroughsreveal the insider secrets of the Bonus Timing Technique so you can successfully time your investments
  • 15 Minute Investment Checklist summarizes all the most important steps in the book. Print it out for your desk for easy reference as you invest

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