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Hey, I'm Jason - Marketing Geek and fellow entrepreneus. My mission is to help honest hard working entrepreneurs earn a full time income from their business.

You've got the skills, the service, product idea - but like most of us you may be struggling with attracting the right customer, or getting your funneel working properly. I know because my first business (Registered Investment Advisor) failed miserably.

After passing my exams I was a complete finance nerd ready to take on the world one client at a time. Only problem was I only knew stocks, bonds, and everything finance. All the skills required to help my clients; but none to get them in the first place.

Fast forward to co-founding ACT Marketing along with a few million bucks in ad spend across Google, Facebook, and YouTube - I've got quiet a bit to share when it comes to what ACTUALLY works in marketing and business building.

Learn from our agencies successes and my entrepreneurial failures on my blog and YouTube channel as I document in real time the crazy journey of building a digital business from scratch. Join myself and fellow aspiring entrepreneurs as we build the business we love. Start by clicking here to copy my notes

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