8 Months Of Building a Online Business: What I’ve Learned

It’s been 8 months since I started this series and it’s been a crazy ride. This week I reflect on some big lessons learned and share some exciting news of what’s coming next!
In this episode, just wanted to do a little recap of what’s been accomplished so far with some lessons learned. Not the typical tutorial based video. There is a bit of overlap of course, but here’s a breakdown of how long things have taken:
Entire Funnel Built – 6 Months
Entire Product Written – 3 Months
Software Testing –  3 Months
The good news I know you can do it much faster. Why? Well one you’ve got me as your test dummy, and two you don’t have to build & documents at the same time! Working to build this business and keep up with the YouTube videos for you has been a much bigger challenge than I had ever imagined.


Jason Whaling

Jason Whaling is an online marketing expert, consultant, author, and a lifelong entrepreneur. Combining a mix of dynamic business strategy, consumer psychology, and social media marketing, Jason works with people like you to build their personal brands and business.