Email Marketing Strategy For Beginners – 0 To 5,000

Why email marketing? 

Email marketing uses email as a tool to inform a lead about a product or a services. 

You might wonder if email marketing still works with a lot of platforms that comes out today. There is Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Snapchat. 

People have all the information they want from all of these platforms. But why email?

Yes, email is still very important in your marketing efforts. 

Communication is the door to sales for every marketer. When a marketer gets an opportunity to talk, he grabs it to make a sale. 

Email has withstood all through these years. When you want to create your Facebook account, Instagram account, or any account, these platforms would ask for your email to sign up. Right?

That is just one of the reasons of what an email address can do. Other advantage of email marketing are: Emails have its advantages compared to other messaging tools:

  • Almost everyone has an email.
  • You can create personalize content for your lead.  
  • People check emails regularly.
  • People can focus more when they read emails. Hence, they understand better what your offer is about. 
  • People who sign up on your email list are interested in what you can offer. 
  • It is a free tool. 
  • You can automate your emails. 

Tip: Check on the law regarding email spams in your location. And how you can avoid spamming your leads. 

Why have an email list

An email list is a database of email address (and names) that you use for your business. These are the people that you will send emails about your business and other promotions.  

An email list is your treasure trove. Every marketer should take growing his email list seriously. 

Let’s first go through our customer journey. 

  • Prospect – These are the people that you want to join your email list 
  • Audience – People who follow you on social media or YouTube. But you don’t have their emails yet. 
  • Leads – People who already joined your email list. And receive emails from you. 
  • Customers – People who already buy your products or services. Your goal here is for them to be happy with your services or keep them updated with your services. 
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Advantages of email list: 

  • Because Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter can change how the game is played anytime they want.  They have the power to block your account or change their terms of service. 
  • It is something that you own. You can directly talk to your subscribers through emails. Your access to your subscribers is unrestricted. 
  • In addition to building rapport, of course, selling some products and services.

The goal is s to make sure you turn as many prospects and audience members as you can into leads. 

Email list growth engine 

But how do I grow my email list?

There are three components that you need to look into to get more people to join your email list. And give you reasons why these three are important. 

These are lead magnet, landing page, and email. 

So let’s go ahead and go through these three main components. And why each one is so important. 

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Lead Magnet 

The real fuel of this engine is going to be your lead magnet. 

Your lead magnet is your first sale. Or your prospect’s first purchase. Yes, it is free. But it is a way of allowing you to start sending them your contents 

Just asking them for their contact information immediately will not work. So, you need to start to build a relationship by giving them a reason for it. And this is your lead magnet. 

But giving away a random PDF won’t work also. Your lead magnet must be something that your prospect will treasure it for them to give them to you their contact information. 

  • It should build rapport and deliver value. 
  • It should make them take you seriously. 
  • Not found in other websites. Is unique to you. Only comes from you. 
  • Immediately connects with your prospect. 
  • It is the first step to solve their problems. 

Once they are happy with your lead magnet, a good chance of success is at hand. 

So here are the different types of lead magnets. 

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A PDF is the quickest lead magnet that you can out together. But you cannot underestimate the power of a PDF. 

Once your lead magnet has proved to be helpful, they will remember and trust you. Because people only buy from those whom they like and trust. 

So it’s about being helpful and generous to your prospect. 

So what can you do with a PDF? There are a couple of options that take less than a week to make. But still be valuable to your ideal customer. 

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Audit – This will show what they did wrong in their business or activity. This will help them realize that they need to do something to correct their steps. Or make things right. I recommend and stick with this. 

Case study – A proof of a result of a customer or client that you’ve had in the past. And shows how someone in a similar situation to your ideal lead or customer was able to succeed. 

Resource list — A list of resources or recommended tools. This can be a keyword list. So they save hours of building a list. 

Report — A research or data that could help your prospect make decisions. You worked for this in weeks or month. And you give this to them for free or in a summary or something. This will save them hours of doing the research themselves. 

Here is an example of one of our lead magnets – the Analytics Checklist. 

This helped our potential customers figure out what’s wrong inside their Google analytics account. And how to fix it. 

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Once you have your lead magnet, you’re ready to create your landing page. 

Landing Page 

A landing page is a dedicated page in your website where you lead your prospect or audience once they clicked your ad or social media post. It is where they “land on”. And this is where you collect their contact information. 

Some features of a landing page that you need to consider when you build it. 

  • There are no links to your website or any page on it. 
  • There is a call to action where they put their contact information. You only need their email address. Less is more. 
  • Make them realize that your lead magnet is of value to them. 
  • Straight to the point. 
  • Focused. 
  • Related to the ad or post that your prospect clicked.

A landing page makes the first impression about your business. Keep it simple. But with all the information that your prospect needs. 

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A landing page has five elements. 

  1. Headline – Grabs attention of the prospect. Use clear words that explain why he should enter their contact details. 
  2. Call to action button – Guide them to make an action. This is where they have to click to get the freebie after they give their contact details.
  3. Bullet points – Gives more information about the lead magnet. And why this is helpful to your prospect or audience. You don’t have to write paragraphs.  Just keep this simple
  4. Graphic – A picture of what the freebie could look like. Your prospect needs to see a concrete picture of what they could expect from the lead magnet. 
  5. Proof – This could be a testimonials, logos, or any credentials that you may have. But if you just stated, this is not required. 

But you don’t have to be very fancy when it comes to your landing page. 

Here, I only have three elements – a headline, graphic, and a call to action button. 

We did not use a graphic of what we offered. But a nice stock icon. And I built this using MailerLite for less than 30 minutes. 

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Now, we have our lead magnet and landing page. Next we can focus on our emails. 


The reason why you want to grow your email list is because you want to send out emails. 

When someone just joins your email list, you will send five to seven emails that is related to the topic that he opted in. 

If he signs up for weight loss program or analytics sheets, then your emails must be about weight loss or analytics.

Tip: If you have no experience in email marketing yet, just keep your emails simple. Later on, you will do segmentation and other advanced stuff. But if you jump into to this immediately, it will just create headaches which are not necessary. 

How to write your emails 

Some people run away from writing the actual emails. There is something in writing that scares people off. But this is not a thing to worry about. 

When you write an email

  • Be conversational and friendly. 

Just like you talk to a friend while you have a cup of coffee. Because you want to build trust. 

  • Be yourself. 

Everyone is different. It is a strength. People will appreciate you if you’re transparent. 

You don’t have to change how you communicate. 

  • Don’t be formal or sell your products at once. 

This will offend your prospect. Always sound approachable

Tip: Don’t copy the style of other people in your niche. Just write the way you are. And the right prospect will be attracted by it. 

The goal is to get the right people who will value your personality. And not to be friends with everyone. 

Types of emails

So, you need to send five to seven emails within a week to someone who just joined your email list. But what kind of emails will these be?

There are five types of emails that you need to prepare to start with your email marketing. 

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Email No. — 1 Here’s your Blueprint. 

You will place the link of your lead magnet in this email. You will have to tell them that they will get this resource guide or case study. And repeat the bullet points you made on your landing page. 

Reinforce their decision. And praise them that they joined your email list. 

Email No. 2 — Biggest challenge that you faced. 

You would deal with their pains and fears. That the roadblocks that they face are normal. And it is possible to overcome. 

Here, you will differentiate yourself among others in your niche. You can also debunk myths or counter what other influencers say that they struggle with.  

Be real and encourage them to step up. 

Email No.3 — Success story.

You tell a hypothetical story. But be clear with them about it. 

You can also tell about a success story. It can be your own or your client’s. What you tell here is that people who struggled with the same thing did overcome it. 

It is something that they can relate to or similar to their situation. 

Email No. 4 and 5. – Benefits 1 and 2

The next two emails will shift to the sales mode. But this does not mean you start sound like a salesman. Or start selling stuff at 60% off. 

This is where you start to introduce your products or your paid offer. And that you offer a solution that they could use for their problem. 

This offer should also be specific to what they signed up for. Because they care about. Right?

Tip: The first three emails are to build rapport. Next, you offer a solution because you empathize with them. You can send up to seven emails. 

When someone gets through your sequence, you stop selling to them. They are not ready to buy your products yet.  Or they are no longer interested about this product. 

Then, you will bring them to your main email sequence. And you need to build more rapport, provide more value, and send more offers in the future. 

Don’t worry about not making a sale in the first seven days. You already got their emails, a direct line to your potential customers. 

This will pay off one day if you don’t ruin the relationship that you built with you potential customers. 


Email marketing is one of the best way that you can build rapport and relationship with your potential buyers. 

Investing in automation software such as MailerLite is one of the best investments that you can do. It will prove its worth as you see your business grow. 

All you need is creativity in making your lead magnet, landing page, and of course, your email sequences. 

It’s all hard work. But as you put in your best effort, your leads will appreciate it. And hopefully make great sales for your business. 

I sincerely hope you got some value out of this blog. And most importantly, you’re ready to go to start growing your email list on the path to 5,000 email subscribers and a lot more. 

And until the next, keep building the business you love.

Jason Whaling

Jason Whaling is an online marketing expert, consultant, author, and a lifelong entrepreneur. Combining a mix of dynamic business strategy, consumer psychology, and social media marketing, Jason works with people like you to build their personal brands and business.