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Sales Funnel Organizer

Copy Jason's templatized funnel process to quickly build a sales funnel that attracts new email subscribers, primes them to become avid fans, and most importantly BUYERS of your products and services.

  • Follow an easy, step-by-step process to build a fully automated funnel - one that doesn't require fancy software, and still generates sales around the clock.
  • Command attention and insight curiosity in new prospects levraging proven sales copywriting formulas for your landing and sales pages (even if you've never written sales copy in your life)...
  • Discover the secret 'irresistible' lead magnet method for crafting the perfect free offer to stand out as an authority and naturally pull new in new email subscribers.

Launch Optimized Google PPC Campaigns

Copy Jason's templatized PPC implementation process to quickly identify your best keyword oppurtunities to reduce CPC so you can attract targeted leads, cut out wasteful clicks, and skyrocket your return on ad spend (ROA) utilizing the same budget you have now.

  • Execute on fresh campaign ideas with ease leveraging our proprietary software - instantly copy-import campaign directly into your Google Ads account (even if your not a 'tech person')
  • Save valueable time and eliminate 'analysis paralysis' by leveraging pre-configured lead generation and product sales ad group frameworks and apply them to your own campaigns.
  • Utilize fill-in-the blank campaign wireframes to construct your own customized campaign strategies to cut your CPC, eliminate poor performing keywords, and force Google to only send hungry buyers to your site

Peek Inside Proven YouTube Ad Formulas

Access our carefully curated collection of over 9 high impact YouTube ads so you can copy proven hook formulas, simple editing hacks, and effective calls to action to craft your own conversion centered video ads.

  • See how innovative companies like Wix, Fiverr, Udemy, Grammerly, and, leverage the simple 'Benefit Rotation' ad technique to generate millions of hyper-targeted leads & sales.
  • Utilize meticulously annoted video transcripts and frame-by-frame analysis of every video ad so you can clearly see every microscopic-conversion detail of what makes a 6-figure YouTube ad (even if you have no sales copywriting experience)...
  • Master the '3 step swipe method' to instantly decode the sucess anatomy of any video ad you watch so you can easily reverse-engineer key elements to fuel your own ad writing and creation process

Click Magnet PPC Ads Blueprint

Copy Jason's ad templates so you can leverage direct response tactics to write search ads that attract paying customers, boost quality scores, slice CPC costs, and most importantly repel wasteful 'tire Kicker' clicks that never result in a sale.

  • Choose from 7 conversion-ready ad templates to craft a customized ad that is laser-focused on delivering profitable result; not useless 'brand lift' - attracting new leads or driving new sales (writing salescopy is a snap using our PPC Ad Templates)
  • Answer the '4 magic questions' to instantly deconstruct the anatomy of your competitors best converting ads so you can reverse-engineer key elements to fuel your own ad copy and conversion success.
  • Exploit your competitors ad mistakes to grab your customers attention and position your ad as the only logical-click-worth option (insures those budget draining 'lookie loos' click your competitors ads)

The Ultimate Sales Projection Model

Copy Jason's Sales Architect Model to immediately identify your best 'low hanging fruit' profit oppurtunities and leverage points in your current funnels to maximize your conversions and campaign ROI.

  • Take full command of your bottom line using a powerful sales projection model that allows you to plug leaks in your conversion process and instantly cut off traffic campaigns destined to for failure.
  • Save valueable time and eliminate 'analysis paralysis' by leveraging pre-configured sales and conversion formulas and apply them to your business (even if you can't stand math - just plug in play the numbers)...
  • Choose the perfect price your product using the 'price to profit equilibrium ratio' to maximize your return ad spend and most importantly - your revenue.

Ethically Steal Proven Landing Page Templates

Access our carefully curated collection of high converting landing pages so you can leverage coccise copy formulas, coversion -tested designs, click-worthy calls to action, and killer offers to deploy in your list growth.

  • Utilize meticulously anoted copies of every headline, bullet-point, and page desgns so you can clearly see every microscopic-copy detail of what makes a high converting page (even if you have no copywriting experience)...
  • Follow Jason's systematized 3-step process for reverse engineering any landing page so you can always stay a step ahead of your competitors and spin their list growth assets into your lead generation fuel.
  • Model proven lead generation 'value ladders' that allow you to select the optimal lead magnets, headlines, power bullet points, and page designs to ethically maximize your conversions and most importantly - profits.

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